How does the Internet Work?

Some of these computers are web servers, which are just specialized computers that contain and serve content from your favorite websites, and others are just the client devices.

Commonly Used Databases (Quick Notes)

A columnar database stores the data of an entire column in consecutive memory blocks, while a relational database stores the data of an entire row of a table in consecutive memory blocks.

Database Index

When a query is run against a column on which a secondary index is created, the database will go to the secondary index (where it is stored) and look for the address of the corresponding row in the table.

Machine Learning | Multivariate Linear Regression

This is similar to linear regression but instead of having single dependent variable Y, we have multiple output variables. It may be written as,Y = XB + U ,where Y is a matrix with series of multivariate measurements (each column being a set of measurements on one of the dependent variables), […]