Palindrome Solution [Easy]

Problem A simple recursive method to generate a numeric palindrome from any number is to reverse its digits and add it to the original. If the sum is not a palindrome (which means, it is not the same number from left to right and right to left), repeat this procedure. For […]

Game Of Thrones – II Solution

Problem The king has many words. For each given word, he needs to find out the number of palindrome anagrams of the string. As the number of anagrams can be large, the king needs the number of anagrams % (109+ 7). Hackerrank Problem Link Input A single line which contains the […]

Arranging Cupcakes Solution

ProblemOn the day of the party, the Chef was over-seeing all the food arrangements as well, ensuring that every item was in its designated position. The host was satisfied with everything except the cupcakes. He noticed they were arranged neatly in the shape of a rectangle. He asks the Chef to […]