Carvans Solution

You’re given the maximum speed of N cars in the order they entered the long straight segment of the circuit. Each car prefers to move at its maximum speed. If that’s not possible because of the front car being slow, it might have to lower its speed. It still moves at the fastest possible speed while avoiding any collisions.

Ciel and Receipt Solution

Tomya like a positive integer p, and now she wants to get a receipt of Ciel’s restaurant whose total price is exactly p. Note that the i-th menu has the price 2i-1 (1 ≤ i ≤ 12). Find the minimum number of menus whose total price is exactly p.

Activity Selection problem

Activity selection problem is the problem of selecting the largest set of mutually exclusive activities. Each activity has its own starting time si and finish time fi. No two activities can share the resource at any time point.